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Our Tantalize Products are loved by people all over South Africa!

Our Mission

We strive to provide our customers with the best possible sugar-free products.

Speedy Delivery

We ensure that your orders are delivered within three days.

Our Passion

Our passion lies in offering our clients the best possible products & best service.
Delite Foods was started in 1990 as a company catering for the diabetic and sugar-averse markets.   Its major strengths include superb product formulation knowledge (as the principals have spent many years formulating foods for the food manufacturing industry). With obesity and diabetes becoming very serious problems in this country our product range is eminently suitable to counteract these issues. We operate out of Westlake Business Park in Tokai where the office and factory is combined and where most of our products are developed and manufactured using our own recipes.   We are a small but energetic company with a passion for quality and good service. There are four of us in the main office who will help with all advice and information and then we have our 7 enthusiastic packers. The range, as can be seen from the website, is extensive and varied and caters for all those who want a healthier lifestyle, are diabetic, want to lose weight, have heart problems etc.   The products are also great for children and for those who have hyperactive problems such as ADHD.
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