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Reduce Sugar & Refined Carbs in your Diet– Improve Your Health Today with Tantalize Sugar Free Products.

It wasn’t until the late ‘50s that the human population began to figure out the harmful effects of smoking tobacco and how this addictive substance caused the vast majority of lung cancer cases. Now it’s 2015 and although we no longer smoke in aeroplanes, restaurants or most family homes, a large majority of the population remains dangerously addicted to sugar despite the U.N World Health Organization’s official warnings about the dangers that refined sugars (such as glucose and sucrose/table sugar) pose to your health.

WHO recommends that people of all ages drastically reduce daily sugar intake to less than 10% of the energy intake and insists that a further reduction below 10% could yield even more health benefits. The disadvantages of high refined sugar consumption on the human body are very well established:

Excessive sugar intake directly affects the production and level of insulin in the body, leading to adverse effects on metabolism—i.e. how your body deals with food. The excess consumption results in increased fat storage, weight gain and, in extreme cases, diabetes (with good reason the old name for diabetes was “sugar sickness”).

The bottom line for what you need to pursue is weight loss: Cut sugars, raise insulin sensitivity, burn fat faster and drop kilograms more readily. Simple nutrition.

The red curve is an example of what your insulin, and therefore your appetite, does when you eat sugar via the many products which contain high levels of it:

Your blood glucose levels rise and then fall drastically, so you are never entirely “full” (satiated). The result is that you then want to eat more of the same thing that satisfied you temporarily: addictive sugar. So a vicious cycle of addiction is perpetuated.

Added to this, your body is unable to burn essential nutrients required for sustained daily energy. Compare the red curve to the green one below it which represents your insulin and appetite on a reduced sugar diet. Your body remains satiated, your insulin levels remain constant and so does your blood sugar, allowing your body to use and store energy more efficiently.

Yet high insulin levels, driven by excessive sugar intake, are not only responsible for weight gain and metabolic retardation. The entire imbalance of your excess weight and insulin levels then leads to all sorts of increased probabilities of health problems: cancers, cholesterol and heart disease, joint deterioration and muscle pain. On a more cosmetic note, excessive sugar becomes fast fuel for mouth bacteria to demolish your precious pearly whites.

Sugar appears to be the real devil in this case. Not fat. And note that it is the sugar that lets you consume excessive fat—imagine what an unsweetened ice cream or cupcake would taste like! Yuk.

This is why Delite Foods has produced a healthy yet delicious range of Tantalize, sugar free products for your health and convenience.

For example, there is NO reason to eat a jelly dessert with a high sugar load. Rather eat a Tantalize jelly, which is just protein and water. Unbelievably healthy compared to the “traditional” high-sugar jellies.

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