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Liquid Flavours

Food Ingredients – Liquid Flavours

Finally! A source of smaller quantities of the key ingredients used for all types of food manufacturing. By letting you buy per kg, we help support the growing/smaller business. If you don’t see it on our Product List, let us know what you need and we will see if we can add it!

Key Food Ingredients by the kg for the small business.

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Banana 10.70AM – 1Kg, Beef 30.017OM-1Kg, Biltong 30.017MDD-1Kg, Blueberry 723E Natural – 1Kg, Boerewors 10.32240 RAF-1Kg, Cheddar 492E-1Kg, Chicken 30.018OM-1Kg, Cloud 384N-1Kg, Cloud UV 4-1Kg, Cloud UV 5-1Kg, Cloud UV 5 – 100g, Cranberry 265E – 1Kg, Cranberry 265E – 100g, Energy RB 935M -1Kg, Mixed berry no.1 – 1Kg, Naartjie 037S Natural – 1Kg, Mint Natural 22.51112 OS, Orange 12.492PE – 1Kg, Oregano Flav 10.110 ORA-1Kg, Peach 439E Natural – 1Kg, Peppermint 612S – 1Kg, Spearmint 1112S – 1Kg, Tomato 5.004PM-1Kg, Tropical no.2 – 1Kg

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