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Thickeners, etc


Food Ingredients – Thickeners, Stabilizers, Gelling Agents, Fibres

Finally! A source of smaller quantities of the key ingredients used for all types of food manufacturing. By letting you buy per kg, we help support the growing/smaller business. If you don’t see it on our Product List, let us know what you need and we will see if we can add it!

Key Food Ingredients by the kg for the small business.

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Agar 650plus-1kg, AMS 15 Yoghurt Stabiliser -1Kg, Carrageenan Kappa-1kg, CGLC 95-1Kg, CMC HV-1kg (Ultra High Viscosity), CMC STAB4-1kg (Stabilising CMC), Creamy MT -1Kg, Creamy SFCR Fibre-1Kg (Makes 50Kg), Creamy Stabiliser for Ice Cream-1Kg, DMG 40-1Kg, DMG 95-1Kg, FJG 15 Stabiliser-1Kg, FPV13-1Kg, Gelatine-1Kg, Gellan LA-1Kg, Gellan HA-1Kg, Guar, Standard Grade-1kg, M2 Starch – 1Kg, Make a Jam Sugar Free Jam Mix-1Kg, Pectin HM MRS-1Kg, Pecti-Jel LB1-1Kg, Pecti-Jel Pectin Replacement V6-1Kg, Stab 20-1Kg, Stab 30-1Kg, Stabiliser 603-1Kg, Xanthan, 80 Mesh-1Kg

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