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Powdered Flavours

Food Ingredients – Powdered Flavours

Finally! A source of smaller quantities of the key ingredients used for all types of food manufacturing. By letting you buy per kg, we help support the growing/smaller business. If you don’t see it on our Product List, let us know what you need and we will see if we can add it!

Key Food Ingredients by the kg for the small business.

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Apple PD026C – 1Kg, Bunspice flavour PD124C-1Kg, Banana PD077C-1Kg, Beef PD163C – 1Kg, Cappuccino PD061C-1Kg, Caramel powder flavour PD053C – 1Kg, Chicken PD171C – 1Kg, HVP 04.12A – 1Kg, HVP 39.38A – 1Kg, Lemon powder flavour PD019C – 1Kg, Chocolate powder flavour PD256C, Cranberry PD184C – 1Kg, Grape PD029C, Lime flavour PD014C – 1Kg, Mango PD137C-1Kg, Marshmallow/ Cotton candy PD157C – 1Kg, Orange PD260C-1Kg, Orange PD028C – 1Kg : 457.70, Passionfruit PD066C – 1Kg, Peach Apricot PD021C-1Kg, Pear PD051C-1Kg, Pineapple PD069C – 1Kg, Soy masking flavour PD215C-1Kg, Strawberry powder flavour PD229C – 1Kg, Strawberry PD247C – 1Kg, Sugar Flavour PD139C-1Kg, Vanilla PD040C – 1Kg

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